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Dr Shetty is delighted to provide a luxury birthing experience to mums and dads at Westmead Private Hospital which offers:

  • A leading-edge Special Care Nursery that offers the highest standard of care available in NSW private hospital system for high risk pregnancies.
  • Westmead Private Hospital is reassuringly co-located next to Westmead Public should Mum or bub require emergency treatment at one of Australia’s most respected tertiary centres.
  • Dr Shetty has admitting rights as maternal foetal medicine doctor and an obstetrician (Westmead Private) and as an MFM and obstetrician (Westmead Public) should you baby require emergency care in a tertial hospital.
  • Westmead Private has 50% larger than standard private rooms, with a comfy bed for your partner, which provides comfort and convenience during a pregnancy complication that requires monitoring in hospital.
  • The hospital has a complimentary high tea for the whole family as well as complimentary post-birth support that includes 3 free post-natal exercise classes, free infant massage workshops and a postnatal support clinic (settling, breastfeeding and bathing) that is also complimentary for 6 weeks after your stay.
  • Find out about the Westmead Private Hospital facilities here or watch video here.
Obstetrician V MFM what’s the difference?
This is the most common question our patients ask. In a nutshell, all maternal foetal medicine specialists are obstetricians first. However many obstetricians then go on to sub-specialise further in areas such as gynaecological oncology, infertility, and pelvic floor issues – or in this case maternal foetal medicine.

Whilst many obstetricians can treat and do treat high risk pregnancy, Maternal Fetal Medicine is the specialty that involves a minimum three years’ extra training on top of standard obstetrics and the specialty is solely dedicated to treating complications of pregnancy.
Only a handful of obstetricians in Australia hold this extra qualification, so you can be assured of getting the most qualified obstetric care possible for high risk pregnancy conditions.
MFMs are dedicated to providing care to mums and bubs efore, during and after pregnancy and their qualifications and skills include the following.

  • Extra training. Three extra years of training over regular obstetrics, MFM is regarded as the most complex discipline on the obstetrics spectrum.
  • Low/HIgh Risk Care. MFMs such as Dr Shetty care for both low-risk pregnancies and high risk pregnancies and also offer agile pricing plans that allow women to start as low risk and move to high risk should the need arise.
  • Chronic condition care for mums – including the treatment during pregnancy of heart disease, diabetes, seizures, auto-immune disease such as MS or Lupus, blood clotting disorders, infections, recurrent miscarriage, preterm birth, multiple births
  • Ultrasound in rooms – to check your babies’ growth and development. MFMs are highly experienced in this and Dr Shetty performs leading-edge 3D and 4D ultrasound.
  • Checking for and managing birth defects and genetic disorders with tests such as amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling (CVS), or umbilical cord sampling
  • Managing the developing baby – particularly in relation to birth defects, heart problems, blood disorders and genetic conditions. MFMs can also perform delicate surgery in utero if needed
  • Monitoring and managing the delivery – Dr Shetty guarantees unless she is at another birth or has a family emergency she will attend all deliveries herself or will organise for another MFM to cover in the very unlikely event she should not be able to attend.
  • Manage mum’s health issues post delivery, such as high blood pressure, excessive bleeding or infection and identifying and providing recommendations for future pregnancies
  • Guide the treatment team – whilst MGMs can totally manage care themselves, they are also happy if required, to work hand in hand with your obstetrician, family doctor, endocrinologist, cardiologist, midwife, neonatologist or other pediatric experts to make sure you and your baby get the gold standard of pregnancy care.